About Us

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EPIC Free Zone:Has Free Zone  at Amerya, Alexandria, Egypt and Cairo Office Located at Maadi, Cairo Egypt.
EPIC is one Of Egyptian General Corporation (EGPC) & E.Gas Vendors List E.Gas Vendors List , the  Supplier  and Manufacture Of oilfield equipment, Procurement, Transportation, Well Site preparations and Qualified Drilling Consultant Personnel To Perform The Services  In A Diligent, Competent, and Workmanlike Manner, Heeding Good Petroleum Industry  Practices and Safety Considerations.
Every project must have a theme, reflecting futuristic vision and pragmatic objective. The theme we have selected for our company is:

“Together we can sail to always reach our destination”.


Our Mission:

Is to help our client on running his business with the best services solution, lower costs and within the international standard of HSE. Also help our employees to maximize their efficiency and profitability while providing the best service.

Our Vision:

Is simply stated we want to be one of the best Is provider in Egypt and Middle East.

Our Philosophy:

Creates a partnership with our clients, so that we can understand the unique requirements of business and tailor solutions exactly to them.