Oil &Gas Storage tanks

Epic Free Zone

Provides and Fabricates Oil &Gas Storage Tanks, Pressurized Vessels, Bulk Tanks and all kind of Fabrication Works, Laying out Pipe Lines According to AZME  Code and API standards.

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 Maintenance of the Tanks and Pipe lines:

It has a comprehensive range of services, tailor made to meet the client’s needs, including Maintenance Evaluation & Planning, Scheduled & Emergency Maintenance, Failure Diagnostics & Troubleshooting and Preventative Maintenance together with Predictive Maintenance Business by Sector as follows:

  • Long‐term Service Agreement, Planned, Maintenance & Overhaul Programs.
  • Call‐Out/Emergency Service Contract.
  • Specific Technical Assistance and Troubleshooting.
  • Plant Revamping and Upgrades.
  • Shut‐Down & Emergency Maintenance.
  • Tailor made Client Services.
  • Spare parts management. According to AZME Code and API standards.